We are in 2019

 Where is the Medical research for the Vitiligo in 2019?

In neutral!

Always the same speech "the Search moves forward", "We make progress". BUT the Search on the Vitiligo is not financed as high as what it should be. Without money, the Search cannot progress. Do you know which part of the public spending is allocated to the Search on the Vitiligo? 

The private Research and development (R&D) is dedicated to cancers. The GALDERMA company, the biggest pharmaceutical research center of the world, installed to Sofia-Antipolis (France) has just closed, further to the decision of the shareholders of the Swiss company NESTLE. The works on the development of dermatological creams are abandoned, definitively: not profitable"is the conclusion of the report of the Swiss experts. "Circulate, there is nothing more to see".  

What effective treatment proposes you the pharmaceutical industry to be cured of the Vitiligo?


Assuming that the institutional Medical research does not move forward, the industrialists not investment not in their own R&D (to see the case GALDERMA/NESTLE). Furthermore, there is no reliable statistics, on the number of the sick worldwide, which would allow to estimate a projected Turnover. The O.M.S. does not confirm the "2 % of the world population" announced, here or there, on the Internet or by the associations of sick, which group only a small number of members up to date of the payment of their annual contribution.   

Advertisements on the Internet are often of the charlatanism and aim at taking advantage of the psychological fragility and the distress of the sick, who always hope to be cured. While all the scientists and the Faculties of Medicine worldwide, recognize their powerlessness to cure this perfectly identified dermatological disease.  

Advises what to you your dermatologist to handle your Vitiligo?


"You have a vitiligo and you will have to get used to it. You can use the corrective make-up to hide your spots." In the worst case, he is going to prescribe you (be sold) sessions of phototherapy for a temporary repigmentation, a topical cream - not planned for the treatment of the Vitiligo, the antidepressants, the corticoids, etc. Few general practitioners are informed about this dermatological disease. 

The phototherapy is recognized as ineffective, as curative treatment. Topical creams and corticoids, diverted from their therapeutic use, are ineffective and some present risks of development of a skin cancer.

A doctor of part his training, is there to be cured and is totally disarmed in front of this disease for which there is no curative treatment.  

What do you make then?

Of the automedication?

Sessions of make-up to one beauticians?

Sessions at your shrink?

We are in 2019 and … Where is PERMATAN®?

In 2003, I created the PERMATAN® DHA8 formulation based on the Skin Tone Corrector lotion

In drafting the R&D specifications for the cosmetic dermo product to hide the Vitiligo, I have imposed that the product is not dangerous to the health of its users, respects the nature and proper use of cosmetic products.

After 18 months of satisfactory family use, dermatological tests, from industrial manufacturing according to the European regulations for the manufacture of cosmetic products and the filing of the formulation in the three French poison control centers (Paris, Lyon, Marseille) the adventure has begun.

First presentation to the members of the Vitiligo Association (A.F.V.) in Paris in December 2004. An apparent success. Skin Tone PERMATAN® lotion meets the needs of many Vitiligo patients.

Since 15 years, Skin tone Corrector PERMATAN® has always been manufactured according to the original formulation and its oldest customers are loyal to it.

Since 15 years, I have been investing in the R&D of innovative dermo cosmetics products incorporating new molecules and active agents adapted to the treatment of sensitive skin.

See you soon

Jacques-Henri Tamba

President of INVEST VALOR FRANCE SAS and founder of PERMATAN®